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“Great artists are people who find the way to be themselves in their art.” - Margot Fonteyn, English Ballerina

Dance is a bridge between our thoughts, feelings, and our physical bodies.  Dance helps explore oneself through movement that unifies mind, body, and soul, and helps explore and gain an appreciation of cultures from around the world.


Dance provides physical benefits of improved strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination.  Dance offers numerous mental and emotional benefits as well, such as improved self-confidence, reduced stress, increased social interaction opportunities, improved concentration, improved memory recall, improved focus, better mind body coordination, and creative opportunities for self expression.

Photo of ArtSci Students Performing a Contemporary Dance Piece.
Photo of ArtSci students performing a Drama Play.


"The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts but is also the return of art to life."

-Oscar Wilde

We believe in nurturing every aspect of a student's development. Our drama program, designed for children aged 5 to 13, offers more than just a chance to act on stage. It's an empowering experience aimed at unlocking your student's full potential.

🎭 What Your Student Will Gain:

  • Self-Confidence: Taking center stage will help your child break free from their shell and build self-esteem.

  • Creativity: Our program encourages imaginative thinking and problem-solving through role-play and storytelling.

  • Communication Skills: Practicing lines and interacting with fellow actors will enhance your child's verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  • Teamwork: Our activities promote collaborative efforts, teaching your child the importance of working well with others.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Understanding a character's feelings and motives fosters empathy and emotional awareness.

  • Public Speaking: Performances and recitals offer opportunities for kids to get accustomed to speaking in front of an audience, laying the groundwork for future presentations and interviews.

  • Life Skills: From time management to handling constructive criticism, our program equips your child with skills they will use throughout their lives.

“Music brings us pleasure and releases our suffering.  It can calm us down and pump us up.  It helps us manage pain, sleep better, and be more productive.” - Alex Doman, Author of ‘Healing at the Speed of Sound’

Studying music helps express emotions, release stress, manage anxiety, and nurture creativity.  Making music has excellent physical benefits also, as playing an instrument uses your arm, core, and back muscles.  The deep breathing that voice, wind, and brass instruments require strengthens lungs.


Music helps relieve stress, and is great for our heart rate and blood pressure as well.


Music has excellent cognitive benefits as well, such as better motor planning and coordination, visuospatial ability, working memory, attention span,focus, and development in areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception, reading skills, and math.

Photo of an ArtSci student playing the piano.
Photo of a student oil painting on a canvas.

Visual Arts

“The World always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.” - Neil Gaiman, Author/Illustrator

ArtSci Company offers a diverse range of visual arts classes designed to unleash your creativity and explore various mediums. Our classes focus on oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, and sketching, providing a comprehensive foundation for artistic expression.

Explore the power of contrast and shading with charcoal, as you learn to create dramatic and expressive pieces. Develop your observational skills through sketching, honing your ability to capture the world around you in fine detail.

Whether you're a beginner seeking to learn the basics or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, ArtSci Company's visual arts classes provide a supportive and inspiring environment for artistic growth. Unleash your imagination and join us on a journey of self-expression through the captivating world of visual arts.

Visual Arts
Private School

Private School

"Arts education not only enhances students’ understanding of the world around them, but it also broadens their perspective on traditional academics." – Michelle Obama

At ArtSci Academy Private School, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of creative thinkers and performers. Catering to youth ages 4 to 13, we specialize in visual and performing arts, integrated with an unconventional approach to education that emphasizes creativity in learning and a common core curriculum. We believe in building a strong foundation of self-confidence, encouraging individual growth, and fostering an environment where every student feels safe and valued. Our mission is to provide an educational haven that merges the arts and sciences, cultivating both the intellect and the imagination, while empowering our students to embrace their unique individuality and thrive in their future endeavors.

After School
A photo of ArtSci Students having fun on the outside onsite playground.

After School

ArtSci Afterschool supports students with transportation from school to ArtSci, homework support, academic tutoring, and fine arts lessons of choice from singing, various instruments, dance subjects, and drama.

From early childhood through adolescence, ArtSci will continually support your child through the various stages of their growth.  Our students’ families choose this partnership for up to 9 years, many starting in Kindergarten and staying through 8th grade because of the holistic experiences and benefits their child receives, and the learning and strong relationships they have cultivated with their peers and mentors at ArtSci.  After School students look forward to coming to ArtSci, and have some of their most trusted teachers and closest friendships developed here at ArtSci.

ArtSci students are well supported to overcome adversities and prosper as they grow into confident and exemplary individuals.  The experience goes beyond day care and enrichment offered at schools and other private and public establishments. ArtSci provides professional lessons in performing arts, helps students to be great in school, and helps the children develop into wonderful individuals with staff that care deeply for each child, and friends from ArtSci that share common goals, and become a part of their community and support system.


Seasonal Camp

We are currently registering students Summer Camp. 

To get started click one of the links below:


A Seasonal Camp photo of students exploring and having fun at a Summer Camp Fieldtrip Destination.


Simply Exceptional

An impressive amount of work goes into making each performance special and unique, which wouldn’t be possible with our talented crew both onstage and offstage. We’re proud to unite people through their shared love for the arts and entertainment industry. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a live show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Production Support Services

Production Support

Stage Production & Engineering

Stage shows have the power to transport us to another time and place. The ArtSci Company loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music & show lovers and passionate artists alike. The ArtSci Company has found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the artist community. Let us help you make a unique and memorable stage performance at The ArtSci Company.

Photo of production Support Services for Performances.

Location & Inquiries

3003 Northup Way, STE 100

Bellevue, WA 98004

(425) 480-8250

(702) 875-2636

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Exit to 108th Ave from the 520 FWY and turn onto Northup Way headed East. The ArtSci is located at a complex on the right hand side that has Northwest Behavioral Associates, Bright Horizons Day Care, and Kenneth Behm Galleries. The building is across the street from UW Physicians Specialty Clinic.

Accessibility: Wheelchair access entry is from the West Parking Lot at the double doors near the playground.

Avoiding freeways, you can also get to ArtSci via 116th Ave, connecting Redmond, Kirkland, and Bellevue through scenic Bridle Trails

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