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The ArtSci Company

The ‘Art’ in ArtSci represents fine arts, both visual and performing arts and creativity. The ‘Sci’ in ArtSci represents the sciences, or academic subject areas.  

Those who study the arts are statistically more likely to excel in academics, social development, and self confidence.  


The Artsci Company embraces this notion and strives to provide many rich opportunities to experience the arts, as well as to support students in their academic and personal growth.

ArtSci students are happy, creative, hardworking, intelligent, kind, and confident individuals.


Our mission is focused on supporting students with holistic balanced education.




Critical Thinking

Character Development

Creative Expression

Confidence Building


The Owners and Directors of the ArtSci Company have been providing integrated experiences in Fine Arts and Academic Enrichment in Washington State since 2011.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 6:30PM

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"The true sign of intelligence is  not knowledge, but creativity."


- Albert Einstein