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The ArtSci After School Program




The ArtSci After School Program serves 120 elementary and middle school students that come to us from public schools in Bellevue, Kirkland, and proximate Redmond.  The program supports students with transportation from school to ArtSci, homework support, academic tutoring, and fine arts lessons of choice from singing, various instruments, dance subjects, and drama.

Students put on several performances each school year to showcase their learning and growth.  The performances and improvements in school from this partnership serve as a huge confidence builder for the students in the program and provide momentum for their learning.

From early childhood through adolescence, ArtSci will continually support your child through the various stages of their growth.  Our students’ families choose this partnership for up to 9 years, many starting in Kindergarten and staying through 8th grade because of the holistic experiences and benefits their child receives, and the learning and strong relationships they have cultivated with their peers and mentors at ArtSci.  After School students look forward to coming to ArtSci, and have some of their most trusted teachers and closest friendships developed here at ArtSci.

ArtSci students are well supported to overcome adversities and prosper as they grow into confident and exemplary individuals.  The experience goes beyond day care and enrichment offered at schools and other private and public establishments. ArtSci provides professional lessons in performing arts, helps students to be great in school, and helps the children develop into wonderful individuals with staff that care deeply for each child, and friends from ArtSci that share common goals, and become a part of their community and support system.





Enrollment Fee & Monthly tuition

$350 one time enrollment fee per student (towards administrative costs, first aid, and disaster supplies)

Monthly tuition $725 - each students' share of  flat rate regardless of months that are 3,4, or 5 weeks long

Tuition and fees are non refundable and non transferable.  

Facility Features:

Our facility has  around 7000 sf of space.  The space features 2 music rooms, 2 dance studios, 4 classrooms, 1 cafeteria/kitchen, 4 restrooms, laundry room, hand-washing station, health check area, and a fenced in outdoor playground.  To schedule a tour of ArtSci with your family, please email:


Here is our video tour:

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